Broiler Farm with 65000 Chicken Capacity

It was built according to European standart in 2015. Fully steanless steel. There are no any deformation. There are no any welding. Only used screw to build. It means easily disassemble and later install. Fully isolation for cold and hot weather. It will be ready to grow chicken. Every equipments for a broiler farm is included.

There are two sides (A block and B block) in our farm. Also, maneger office, wc, bathroom, bedroom for three people.
A block size: 104.50 x 16. 70 = 1745.15 m2 ( net chicken area : 1657 m2)
B blok same size and m2. 
Manager size: 4 m x 16.70 = 66.80 m2
Total m2= 3557.10 m2 ( net chicken area: 3314 m2)

In every block;14 pieces fan, Sizes = 140 cm x 140 cm,
5 pieces fan size = 100 cm x 100 cm
Total 38 pieces fan.
90 pieces clack in A block,
90 pieces clack in B block
Totaly 180 piece clack

Paymen Term: Full bank guarantee ( Letter of Credit). When buyer get farm, the bank release money. If something is different from our agreement, of course there is punishment.
Delievery: we prepare everything to reach in your address without any doubt.
For any question, do not hesitate.

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