Spiral Pan Feeder

Spiral Pan Feeders allows the end users to achieve to the best feed conversation rates from start to the end.We offers easy cleaning ,minimum feed waste and easy feed level adjustment.

  1. The feed hoppers have 90 or 170 kg capacity. Assures an excellent feed flow into the feeding line
  2. The pan feeding system can also be supplied with Double Outlet Hoppers for mid – line installations. Feed hopper upper body thickness is 1 mm and , hopper bottom part thickness is 1.5 mm. Galvanized Coating: 275 g/m2. The rim on the top of the pan feeding pipe prevents the feeder to turn on the pan feeding pipe.
  3. Spiral pipe’s sheet thickness is 1,2 mm Galvanized Coating: 275 g/m2, respectively. Upside fasteners prevents Rolling of the feeders and feed waste.
  4. End kit with switch placed  at the end of each feed lines stops the motor automatically, when all the feeders are full. When the feed amount decreases inside the feeders the  motors starts working again.
  5. By the help of the fasteners, the upper part of the feed hopper can be easily detached from the bottom part, this allows the entire system to be winched up to ceiling level. This allows the maximum distance under the feeding lines and allows the user to remove the manure easily.
  6. Specially for the chick period the user may not need to use the whole feeding line. The mid – line stopper can be placed any place on the feeding lines to allow to use only a part of the feeding line. The mid line stopper will not allow the feed to go to the part of the feeding line which is not used during chick period .This offers the birds to have fresh feed and min. feed waste.
  7. Pan feeding lines can work up to 150 meters.
  8. Specially designed feeding motor provides high performance.

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