Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems in closed poultry houses is becoming much more important every day.
A good ventilation will offer the following;
• The extra heat is exhausted from the house.
• Humidity over than needed will be exhausted.
• Carbon dioxide and ammonia will be exhausted.
• Fresh air will be supplied for the birds.
• Number of birds per square meter will increase which will increase the production capacity.
• An efficient climate will be supplied which will effect the yield.

Tunnel Ventilation Fans

• Long life with high galvanization ratio.
• High air flow with special designed stainless steel blades.
• Shutters with centrifugal system.
• Air tight isolation with plastic edges on the louvers.

Air Inlets

An ideal solution to control the air in minimum and transitional ventilation.

Common Specificaitons

• Manufactured from high quality plastic.
• Isolation foam inside the air inlet door offers high isolation.
• The handle on the airinlet door lets the user to open the air inlet door in two steps.
• Stainless steel springs offer perfect air tightness.
• Aluminum profiles inside the air inlet door .

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